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Business Intelligence, Regulatory and Compliance Reporting

Smart is a solution aimed at financial institutions that automates the presentation of regulatory reports in a reliable way and generates managerial financial models that allow the intelligent analysis of financial information to define the correct strategies; consolidating information from multiple data sources


  • Independence: use your data efficiently and effectively, regardless of the Core system.

  • Diversity: Ladonware offers the Smart On-Premise, rental, or SaaS.

  • Support: with more than 30 years of experience, our clients have a quality service, compliance, and track record.

  • Intelligence: Ladonware, with its ETL and BI technologies, will help you transform your data into information, your information into strategies, and your strategies into actions.



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Annexation and Analysis

Transformation Cleaning and Loading


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Transform your data into information, your information into strategies and your strategies into actions.


• Approve the dictionaries of regulatory entities in your region.

• Generate reports according to the standards of regulatory entities.

• Monitor the execution of each report.

• Keep a record with the date of execution of each report.

• Associate responsible users to the generation of each report.

• Send reminders via email to the users responsible for generating the reports.


• Execute automatic pre-validation from the generation of the report (Using the SMARTlr and SMARTvr modules)

• Upload manual files and pre-validate them.

• Download last pre-validated file, including from previous months.

• Review last prevalidation performed.

• Access to complete log of inconsistencies detected between reports.

• PDF Generation of Pre-Validation Log for sending to the corresponding areas for review.


Use multiple data sources and consolidate historical information.

• Create sophisticated models, dashboards, reports and analytical views with interactive graphics for management presentation based on SMART's specialized Data Mart.

• Navigate data from the general to the particular (drill-down) in a simple and intuitive way.

• Export information to different formats: XLs, PDF, CSV.

• Define your reports only once and present them in different ways.

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