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Fight fraud at all times

SQN Banking Systems offers innovative check fraud solutions that serve a variety of financial institutions, from large, mid-tier, and community banks, making them more competitive and profitable. We offer local applications and hosted solutions for fraud protection and signature verification.

Financial institutions seeking real results in the fight against bank fraud trust SQN Banking Systems. For over 30 years, the financial industry has placed its trust in SQN's superior fraud arrest products, and banks that have used our SENTRY product line report that they have captured up to 91% of fraud attempts before of suffering a loss.



Continuously monitor a wide range of operations.

  • Credit / Debit: ATM withdrawals and deposits, credit and debit card transfers and "ours" checks.

  • Payments: ACH (Automated Clearing House / Automated Clearing House), transfers, online banking and mobile banking.

  • Loans: Distributions and Rate Changes.

Grow Revenue while Preventing Fraud with the Category Leading Cross-channel, Real-time Central Nervous System for Global Banks.

Clari5 Unified Real-time, Cross-channel Platform for Bottom-line Protection (losses from Fraud) + Topline Growth (Cross-sell / Upsell)

Comprehensive, Real-time Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Automate, streamline and comply with national and global compliance programs quickly.

Real-time Enterprise Fraud Management

Enterprise-wide fraud management (instead of the conventional channel silo-based approach) detects, deters ingenious attempts bank-wide.

Real-time Customer Experience Management

Extreme real-time ‘segment of 1’ contextual insights for instant, intelligent cross-sell and upsell.