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What is Plan4IT?

Insurance Agent

Plan4IT is a comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan generator for your business and IT operations which include all the necessary steps to assist you in compiling a well structured, effective, and realistic Business Continuity Plan, capable of being easily implemented in the case of a disruptive emergency.

The objective of Plan4IT is to simplify and support the development and testing of a coherent business continuity plan which will enable the organization to recover as quickly and effectively as possible from an unforeseen disaster or emergency

which interrupts normal business operations.

Prepare a detailed risk assessment and develop a strategic Business Continuity Plan to mitigate a potential crisis.

Key Objectives:

  • Prepare information about existing systems.

  • Examine & analyze potential threats & vulnerabilities.

  • Review involvement of emergency services.

  • Develop effective strategies for alternative operations handling.

  • Preparation of a detailed business risk assessment.

  • Assess the impact of a disruption to normal services.

  • Development of strategic plans to mitigate the potential crisis.

  • Procedures to handle the disaster recovery phase.

  • Separate phases for testing and training in simulated conditions.

  • Instructions for keeping the plan up to date.

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