Collector is the solution designed for the automation of preventive loan and accounts receivable recovery processes. 
Allows the integration of different collection channels, maximizing contact capacity to guarantee operational effectiveness.
It provides complete control of the information through a modern panel of information, queries and reports that complement the vision for decision-making.
Integrates with predictive dialing outbound calling platforms and IVR services.

Who can use Collector?

Financial institutions, retail stores, service companies and insurance companies

It has an administrative management module that allows the development of preventive campaigns and/or management of delinquent loans to achieve complete administration and control of the recovery of the products in your portfolio.

If required, Collector also has a judicial collection module that allows your internal lawyers and/or external collection firm to follow up on your judicial processes through fully customizable workflows in accordance with the regulations of your country.

The integration with multiple sources of information ensures that you have consolidated information, providing your agents with the necessary information to carry out the collection work on any account, regardless of where it comes from or what stage of delinquency it is in.

The Collector rules engine allows the administration of collection strategies using different collection channels used by the institution, facilitating segmentation and prioritization in accordance with the institution’s policies.

Role management allows you flexibility in configuring custom menu options. 
Your agents will only see the options they have access to, increasing productivity and information security.

With the engine for the design and administration of personalized Dashboards, you have control so that you can model and maintain the most relevant information for decision-making, thus allowing you to monitor your work team and your collection strategies.

For judicial collection, it allows the personalized and parameterizable definition of stages, trials, courts, stages per trial, expense items, reasons for legal inclusion, among others.

Mobile Collector

Supports the management of administrative collection in the field through ANDROID mobile devices with an active data line.
Its online access allows seeing in real time the actions of the managers in the street, maintaining continuous communication between the WEB platform and the mobile platform.


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