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Collector is a solution designed for the automation of preventive collection and recovery processes.   It allows the integration of all collection channels, maximizing contactability to ensure operational effectiveness. It provides complete control of information through a modern dashboard of information, queries, and reports that complements the vision for decision making. Naturally integrates with our predictive dial outbound calling platform and intelligent IVR services.

Who can use Collector?

Any company with a portfolio to recover

Financial institutions

Retail store

Services companies

Insurance providers

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Collector Web

It has an administrative debt collection module that allows the creation of preventive and / or delinquent collection campaigns to achieve the complete management and control of all products in your portfolio.

If required, Collector also has a judicial collection module that allows its in-house lawyers and/or external collections firm to monitor their court processes through fully parameterized workflows in accordance with the regulations of their country.

Integration with multiple sources of data ensures you have consolidated information, providing your agents with the information needed to collect to any account, no matter where it comes from or its delinquency state.

User role management allows you flexibility in setting custom menu options. Your agents will only see the options they have access to, increasing productivity and ensuring information security.

Personalized and parameterizable definition of stages, trials, courts, trial stages, expenses, grounds for inclusion to legal, among others.

Collector's rule engine enables the management of strategies for all collection channels of the institution, facilitating segmentation and prioritization according to the institution's policies.

With the custom Dashboards design and management engine you have the control to model and maintain the information most relevant to decision making, allowing you to track your team and collection strategies. 

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We’ve partnered with Coastal Outsourced Solutions (COS) for the distribution of Collector in the US market. COS is a leading financial services provider that offers a variety of high-quality and cost-effective solutions for banks and credit unions from coast-to-coast.

Collector Mobile

Supports administrative collection management via ANDROID mobile devices with an active data line.  Its ONLINE access allows you to see and management in real time the street agents, maintaining continuous communication between the WEB and MOBILE platform.


•Customer Information

•Delinquent Loans

•Last Collection Notes

Create and Send



Text Messages


•Simple Collection


•Payment Promises

•Receiving Payments

Take advantage


•Google Maps

•Email App

•Phone App


Today, due to the situation generated by the spread of COVID 19 around the planet, companies with accounts receivable must look for new mechanisms to help them standardize their portfolio and delinquent accounts.

Recover Now is a service designed for all these institutions with accounts receivable to efficiently and intelligently service administrative debt collection, considering pre-defined collection strategies by expert consultants in the field.

It uses Collector, our collection and recovery solution, as its main engine in its latest version, in a completely secure cloud that you can access through any browser.

Implementation assisted by specialized consultants, allowing you to start debt collection in as little as 3 weeks

Each customer's environment is born from a functionally configured "seed". In the created environment you can modify the basic parameters.

With a complete functional documentation and an ELEARNING Platform, Knowledge is available 24/7/365. 

Data loading is done through predefined formats, allowing each customer the autonomy to keep their information up to date.

World-class datacenter that meets the best security and availability practices recommended by regional supervisors

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