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"AI" Banking Chatbot

CFG Bot is part of our suite of digital banking solutions, designed to enable financial institutions' customers to resolve more than 500 queries and tasks using structured messages to issue responses from an Artificial Intelligence-based CMS (Content Management System) to a human partner. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence and the advancement of analytical ability and linguistic understanding, it is able to understand the conversations and tones used in them, through a better understanding of the context and a greater ability to give answers tailored to all kinds of needs.

Where your customers are and how they interact is changing

80% of adults and 91% of teens message every day

Messaging is the default way we communicate with friends. Facebook, 2018. 

71% of consumers are open to messaging businesses

Consumers in Colombia, Germany, Mexico and the US. Facebook, 2018. 


Multiple channels

Mobil: iOS/ Android Apps 

Web: online banking, Corporate Site

Others: WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Alexa, Google Home

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More than 85% of common banking inquiries and tasks

  • Account access issues

  • View account balance

  •  Transaction history

  • P2P payments

  • Pay bills

  • Cross-account transfer

  • Check or change card limits

  • Technical issues 

  • Activate a card 

  • Report a lost or stolen card

  • Issues with payment

  • Card blocked

  • Manage account details

  • Put a hold on a card

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Future Glitch
Thanks to artificial intelligence, analytical ability and linguistic understanding; Spend your time optimizing responses instead of training a language model


How Can CFG Bot Help? 

Reduce Repetitive Call ​

& Chat Volume​

Contain 85-95% of conversations​

Improve Service Experience

Instant answers, 24/7 in the customers channel of choice ​

Increase Sales​

Our chatbots increased applications by 25% at a top 3 US card network ​

Why CFG Bot?

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Proven, effective chatbot for banks and credit unions 

Pre-trained on millions of banking conversations

Understands 80%+ of banking queries out-of-the-box 

Library of +500 workflows and response


Get a quality experience to market in less than 4 week

Bot set-up

(24 hours)


  • Pre-built Use Cases & templated content.

  • Content Management System.

  • Analytics dashboard.

Content Configuration

(4 weeks)


  • Configure product & service details.

  • Adjust tone to fit brand.(optional)

  • Legal/ Compliance reviews. (optional)

Contact centre/ CRM Integration 

(1-4 weeks)


  • Timeline dependent on pre-built integrations and Bank technical readiness.

  • (This is optional)

Acceptance testing 

& Launch 

(1-4 weeks)


  • Friends & Family testing period

  • Go Live

Live Chatbot available

Take place in parallel

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