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Team Meeting

Ladonware is a technological innovator for the continental financial sector

Our strategic approach is based on researching, creating, commercializing, and maintaining technological solutions in the cloud that support direct and productive relationships between consumers and financial institutions. 

Ladonware has more than 160 clients evenly distributed between Latin America, The United States, and Canada, we managed to fulfill our business objective of reaching the most developed markets.


Meet the Team

Innovators, talented, motivated

Ladonware attracts and brings together experienced professionals from renowned companies with extensive knowledge of advanced technology and the international financial business. This pushes us to maintain high levels of effectiveness in our work environment; transfer our experience and maintain continuous learning; as well as sharing our culture, which is based on the following principles, under the philosophy of teamwork and professional growth:

  • Measurement and risk management together with effective business management of our clients.

  • Confidentiality, agility, and responsibility in the management of all our operations.

  • We conduct ourselves transparently and openly before collaborators, clients, suppliers, and shareholders.

  • We ensure the quality of the results in each of the processes.

Louis Hernandez Jr.jpg

Louis Hernandez Jr.

Board Member

Louis Hernandez Jr. became a Board Member for Ladonware in November of 2014. Louis is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist who has a knack for modernizing legacy processes of distressed companies through technology...

Ignacio Blanco

Ignacio Blanco


Xinia Rojas.jpg

Xinia Rojas

Latam Regional Manager

HAT 2019.jpg

Hernando Torres


Bud Cristello.jpg

Bud Cristello

US Sales Director

Dayra Gomez.jpg

Dayra Gomez

Latam COO


Henry Rodriguez

Caribbean Regional Manager


Ray Luterotty


Our mission
"Connect consumers, their devices, and financial institutions transparently and securely, everywhere."
Our vision
"Permanently innovate to promote the use of technology as a means of interaction between consumers and financial institutions in the Americas."


Our History



Ladonware acquires SRMS. Secure, Reliable, Managed, Solutions (SRMS) was founded in 1998 and has since become an industry leader in the area of information technology. SRMS was committed to customer service and our highly experienced and certified staff set us apart from the competition. The combined company, with headquarters in the United States, continues its expansion in the Americas with nearly 160 clients evenly distributed between Latin America and the United States.


Business Meeting

As part of our objective to improve and evaluate the development and maintenance processes, we obtain the CMMI-DEV Level 2 certification, internationally recognized by the SEI (Software Engineering Institute). By applying best practices such as CMMI, Ladonware increased the capacity and quality of the development processes.


Customer Support Representative

At Ladonware we establish as a quality policy to be a company where we deliver the best customer service, satisfying the requirements of our customers. for this reason we have ISO 9001: 2008 certification for support and maintenance activities for our products, thus guaranteeing the highest quality standards in the service we provide.


Computer Office Work

With clients in more than 10 countries in Latin America, Ladonware makes the important decision of converting the financial core to Open Architecture. Starts a short-term plan that consisted of converting "ABANKS" from SPEED II to PROGRESS to respond to the pressing needs of the market; and in the long term, to develop a new generation of the "ABANKS" using Oracle as the technological base.



Founded in 1985, With the name "Arango Software", today Ladonware, reaches important participation in the Panamanian banking sector, and seeking to guarantee the technological evolution of the systems and provide an integrated solution to its clients, it makes its first major strategic alliance with Wang and with Caylx Software, representatives of SPEED, which at that time was exclusively for Wang teams.



The year 2014 is an important year for Ladonware. The sale of the company by its previous owners to Black Dragon Capital, a growth-oriented private equity fund focused on technological investment opportunities in electronic commerce, financial services, sports, and media, is completed. 


Additionally, the first version of "CFG Mobile" for smart mobile devices is released and the agile SCRUM development methodology is implemented.


Data Cloud

Since 2008, Ladonware started the process of research and certification of our Financial Core so that it runs from the cloud in a safe and reliable way, being able to provide our clients "Core Banking as a Service", without the need to make large investments in licensing and infrastructure. The first contract in Colombia is closed quickly followed by several new clients in Panama.


Fibre Optics

With the arrival of the Y2K, and to guarantee the peace of mind to the clients, various certifications were carried out and a specialized support team was created to attend to any unforeseen situation that might arise. Research began to take advantage of the Internet.


A new version is launched under Oracle technology, which provides query services, product creation, transfers and payments through the Internet, resulting in "CFG Web" and its powerful channel administrator that allows the integration of the various platforms of the institution in web technology.



With headquarters located in Panama and the strengthening of "ABANKS", Ladonware takes advantage of the strategic partnership with the multinational Wang and its network of representatives, starting its international expansion strategy.


The first sales of "ABANKS" are carried out and with it the transfer of Panamanian personnel for its installation: first in Colombia, then in Mexico and with it the opening of new offices in these countries.



In 1983, "S.I.B." was released. (Integrated Banking System) developed in Speed ​​that ran on Wang 2200 Servers, what we know today as object-oriented programming. By the end of the year, S.I.B. It was being installed in some local banks, among them: Banco de Bogotá of Panama, which is still our client today.

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